Evminov`s Prophylactor


This mechanism for training on the Evminov’s Method is the plane, equipped by mobile handles of two levels.

The Prophylactor can be installed at different angles to the floor depending on the type of performing exercises.

The rope fastening and elasticity of the proper plane provide with necessary amortization for spinal column during the training.

The mobile handles allow to train on the Prophylactor to grown ups and children.

The complex of Prophylactor includes the „Glissons’ noose” designated for treatment and prophylaxis of diseases of cervical vertebra of spinal column.

Evminov’s Prphylactor is manufacturing on the special order individually for
every family.

Prophylactor is the special orthopedic mechanism, which is destined to perform
the complex of trainings according to the Evminov’s Method. During the performing
exercises the plane of the Prophylactor guarantee the simple tractional
(unloading) effort and sliding. The necessary sliding coefficient during the
performing exercises is guaranteed owing to the special varnished cover, which
is polishing according to the special technology. Besides that, the
Prophylactor has necessary amortization, which is the obligatory condition for
natural, soft and smooth recovering of the spinal column in the regular
anatomic position.

The Prophylactor’s plane is manufacturing of specially dried wood and consists
of eight pasted together details. On durable use the Prophylactor’s plane
sustains all the loads and not twists like „propeller”. The
technology of the Prophylactor with such characteristics have been elaborated within
many years and is inaccessible to those who intend to reproduce it by
industrial or hand-made way. The Prophylactor is manufacturing on the own
production only by the specialists of Evminov’s Center. The manufacturing
technology reminders the manufacture of a ski and on the average takes twenty
five days. The quality of the Prophylactor is controlled by the experimental
laboratory of the Center. The Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine have issued
the certificate for applying the Prophylactor in the treatment (No of 2002),
Ukrstandart have issued the Quality certificate of the Prophylactor ( No of

The secret of manufacturing of the Prophylactor is not transferring by any way
to the producers and is defended by the state patents of Ucraine.

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