Oleksandr Gorbatiuk
chiropractitioner, physio-therapist, masseur

Education and completed courses: M.A. of the Academy of Physical Education of the Pedagogical Academy in Vinnitza, (martial arts master, instructor in sambo, judo, ju-jutsu, bu-jutsu).

Completed a course in manual therapy and chiropractise run by Rafal Bernadzki (the English school), course in Su-jok therapy (Korean system of manual therapy) run by  prof. Pak Jun Wi, postgraduate courses in  manual therapy at the PAKT Centre of Medical Postgraduate Studies, and trainings at the Kiev Spinal Treatment Centre based on the Evminov’s method. Has been running his own consultancy in Cracow for eleven years.

Methods of treatment:
He specializes in treating spinal pain and distress using manual therapy combined with physical therapy based on the Evminov’s method, adjusting the therapy to each patient’s individual needs. He also selects and recommends the most appropriate set of exercises.

Effective in reducing spinal pain, nerve roots pain syndromes, motor – vascular pain, vertigo, acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, as well as pain after injuries and operations, through manual manipulation (spinal correction and strengthening of the muscle corset).

Before manual  manipulation conducts an interview with the patient and examines x-ray pictures.


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