Children`s programs

For correction of the disturbance of carrier
The disturbance of the carriage of the children is the initial cause of scoliosis diseases of the spinal column. The performing by the children the exercises of TPT on the Prophylactor strengthens the short muscles of the back, which respond for regular development of the spinal column and also develops all groups of body muscles, which promote to cultivate the regular carriage and regular physiological condition of internal organs. That’s why the exercises on the Evminov’s Prophylactor promote to regular, healthy development.

For treatment of scoliosis diseases of spinal column
All training programs are elaborated to eliminate the spinal curvature of the children of different age. Every program takes into account the individual properties of child organism.

The health of your child depends only on you!

Family programs

Evminov’s Method on the Evminov’s Prophylactor is necessary to all members of the family, independently on age and condition of the health as so it performs the prophylactic and treatment function for the people of any age and with different condition of the health.

The performing of the exercises by all the family promotes to the increasing of the interest to trainings and supports its regularity and also strengthens the positive psychological effect of the trainings.

One Prophylactor is acquired for all members of the family.

The Method and the Prophylactor this is the remedy, which serves to all members of the family.

Treatment programs on Evminov’s method
On exacerbation of diseases of the spinal column (radiculitis and others). The dosed traction of the spinal column and the regular anatomic position during performing static and dynamic exercises assist in relaxation of pathologically spasmed muscles of the back. Besides, take place the discharging of the disk and lowering of the interdisk pressure, which bring to the liberation of the compressed nervous roots and painful syndrome liquidation.
The acute pain is diminishing, as a rule, just during the first (!) training.

Treatment of the diseases.
The combination of simple traction of the spinal column and exercises of TPT bring to powerful recovering (regeneration) of tissues of the spinal column.

The treatment programs are composed from specially selected exercises, which apply on osteochondrosis, scoliosis of different stages, disorder of the
carrier, hernias if intervertebral disks, Bechterev disease, Sheyerman-Mau, spondylolisthesis and other diseases. The selection of the treatment complex realizes independently by the doctor depending on the diagnosis and the condition of the patient. The doctor determines: the initial load, angle of the inclination of the Prophylactor, dosage of the exercises, number and pace of their performance and the durability of the course.

The durability of the course of treatment programs forms from 2 till 12 months, depending on the complication of the disease. The durability of one training is from 7 till 15min., the total number of training is 3-4 times in a day.


The performing of the exercises on the program of prophylaxis prevents the negative processes in the spinal column and prevents its diseases and as a consequence, the diseases of all internal organs. Your spinal column needs only 10 minutes of training in a day!