Evminov method – the medical method of kinesitherapy

This is the method of therapeutic physical training (kinesitherapy), patented and medically certified and approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for treatment and prophylaxis of spinal column diseases. The method is based on dosed discharge (traction) of spinal column with simultaneous performing the complex of physical exercises for strengthening of spinal column muscles and perfecting the feeding of all its structures (disks, ligaments, ets.)

On the basis of the method there were worked out many medical, sanitary and prophylactic programs intended for treatment and prevention of spinal column diseases on different stages and in different age periods.

The programs are to be selected individually by doctors-vertebrologists of the Center and realized with the help of EVMINOV’S PROPHYLACTOR. The instruction training of method is caring out in the Center by the Instructors of therapeutic physical training (TPT) and further exercises the patients perform independently at home.

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The advantages of the evminov’s method before other methods of treatment of the spinal column. The Evminov’s Method and the Evminov’s Prophylactor these are the inventions, patented in Ukraine, Europe and USA.
The Method is directed to recover the most principal part of the spinal column – the inrevertebral disk, improving its nutrition and strengthening the muscular corset in regular anatomic position.

Ten advantages of the evminovs’ method:
1. The Evminov’s Method with using the Evminov’s Prophylactor this is the unique system of treatment, recovering and prophylaxis of the spinal column and keeping the health during all the life.
2. The Evminov’s Method treats the spinal column, removing the cause of disease, killing the pain in the back forever.
3. Restores all functions of the spinal column.
4. During the life of a man prevents the development of pathological processes in the spinal column.
5. Is the unique method of treatment in the case of numbered hernias of intervertebral disks.
6. It is effectively using for restoring the spinal column of the sportsmen with the purpose to come back to large sport.
7. It is applying as necessary therapy after suffered operation on the spinal column.
8. Restores the initial stature of a man.
9. Increases for 8-15 sm the stature of a man on training according the special program of increasing the estature (in the period from 8 till 15 years).
10. It is effectively using for treatment and prophylaxis of the diseases of grown-ups and children.

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