What we lose

What we lose refusing from prophylaxis and treatment of the spinal column diseases on the Evminov’s Method.

More than 80% of all diseases of the man are connected with the diseases of the spinal column, because the internal organs of the man are innerved by the peripheral nervous system by spinal roots, peripheral nerves, which move from spinal cord.

Thus, the spinal column diseases are the initial cause of the development of other diseases, which treatment requires more time, forces and finances. Is it worth to post-pone the treatment or prophylaxis or save on the own health.

Post-ponening the prophylaxis or treatment of the spinal column we are refusing from the opportunity to effectively preserve the health of the whole organism.

Why wait for a pain, if we can prevent if?

The spinal column is the base of life. Trough the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) every second pass thousands of nervous impulses to all internal organs of the man. Just because, about 80% of all diseases of the man are connected with the diseases or deformation of the spinal column.

On compressing the roots of spinal nerve the conductance became worse and as a signal of calamity, appears the pain in the back. Pain is the specific defense reaction of the organism to pay man’s attention to the illness and to start to treat it.

However, at the absence of opportune treatment, come more dangerous consequences – degeneration (atrophy) of neurons and disorder of the conductance of nervous impulses to the internal organs. The metabolism is slowing down, the organs atrophy more quickly and appear diseases.
That’s why the health spinal column is the savior of internal organs, and the sick person is their destructor.

Don’t wait the pain in the spinal column. Prevent it just now!

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