Other programs

Other programs which you can receive in a Center:

– For cultivating the regular carriage for grown ups and children;
– Power program for developing the muscles of the back and press abdominal;
– For people with vegetovascular and neurocircular disorders;
– For long trip drivers and for every day driving;
– For people suffering neurological disorders;
– For pregnant women;
– For elderly people.
Any of the programs guarantees you the necessary result thanks to the individual medical selection and instruction.

What we lose

What we lose refusing from prophylaxis and treatment of the spinal column diseases on the Evminov’s Method.

More than 80% of all diseases of the man are connected with the diseases of the spinal column, because the internal organs of the man are innerved by the peripheral nervous system by spinal roots, peripheral nerves, which move from spinal cord.

Thus, the spinal column diseases are the initial cause of the development of other diseases, which treatment requires more time, forces and finances. Is it worth to post-pone the treatment or prophylaxis or save on the own health.

Post-ponening the prophylaxis or treatment of the spinal column we are refusing from the opportunity to effectively preserve the health of the whole organism.

Why wait for a pain, if we can prevent if?

The spinal column is the base of life. Trough the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) every second pass thousands of nervous impulses to all internal organs of the man. Just because, about 80% of all diseases of the man are connected with the diseases or deformation of the spinal column.

On compressing the roots of spinal nerve the conductance became worse and as a signal of calamity, appears the pain in the back. Pain is the specific defense reaction of the organism to pay man’s attention to the illness and to start to treat it.

However, at the absence of opportune treatment, come more dangerous consequences – degeneration (atrophy) of neurons and disorder of the conductance of nervous impulses to the internal organs. The metabolism is slowing down, the organs atrophy more quickly and appear diseases.
That’s why the health spinal column is the savior of internal organs, and the sick person is their destructor.

Don’t wait the pain in the spinal column. Prevent it just now!

Special programs

The program of preservation and recovering of the stature (in the period of closed zones of the stature – after 25 years old).
In the process of living the height of intervertebral disks is constantly coming down for 3-4sm. On performing the exercises on discharging and simple traction of the disks, its height is recovering and the man’s stature returns to the initial.
That’s why it is possible to restore the stature of the grown up on the average for 3-4 sm.
The course of trainings is 1 month, then break – 1 week. Totally 10-12 courses in a year.

The program of figure correction
This program includes the complex of exercises for developing the flexibility, power tolerance, correcting exercises for decrease the size of waist and hips, cyclical exercises for decreasing the weight. The exercises on the Profilactor on the training programs bring to additional energy spending and improving the metabolic processes of all organism.

As a result the weight of a man comes to the norm, which provoke the improvement of the health.

The program for dentists (prevention and treatment of occupational diseases of spinal column of the dentists)
The durable monotonous postures of doctors-dentists bring to occupational diseases: kyphosis of thoracic part of spinal column, hyperhidrosis of cervical part, protrusion of lumbar part, myositis of muscles of back and shoulder part. S-forming scoliosis and also provoke the most complicated disease, which resists to treatment – vertebras rotations.
The complexes of treatment and prophylaxis programs don’t permit the development of theses pathologies.

The program of recovering the spinal column of the sportsmen
Applying the complex of physical exercises on the Evminov’s method, it is possible to recover the affected spinal column of the sportsmen without surgical intervention. Thus, it is possible to prolong the sport career of trained sportsmen.
The bright life example of recovering the spinal column of the sportsmen is the personal experience of Vyacheslav Evminov. He treated himself with the help of TPT method and the Prophylactor, which now he has the opportunity to offer to all the world.
The prevention of the consequences of hypodynamia (insufficiency of moving activity)
In the process of decreasing of the moving activity in the organism of the man start dystrophic and degenerative processes, which bring to disturbance of general feeling and to make worse the psychological condition. Not complicated complex of exercises liquidates such consequences and taking off everyday tiredness.

The program of increasing of stature (in the period of opened zones of the stature – till 8-25 years old)
Applying the special complex of physical exercises on the Evminov’s method at the age of 8-25 years, it is possible to increase the stature on the average for 10 – 15 sm depending on the wish of a man.